Elaine Romanelli

What song writers made you feel special to sing.And who is the most important person in sining,Gave you good feed back with songs you write.

Elaine Romanelli responded on 06/01/2011

Oh gosh! Big questions! Songwriters that make me feel special to sing... well, you may not know this, but I sing classical music as well, and recently at an event I sang a choral piece called Cantique de Jean Racine. It's just soooo delicious to sing! It's really a study in writing expertly for voices.
Good feedback on my songs: my mentor in SF. He said (over and over) that you just have to write a LOT of songs - if you do, some of them are bound to be good. : ) I didn't particularly follow his advice until recently, but I'm trying to write a couple songs a month now and see what happens. Thanks for the questions!! : ) - Elaine

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