Elaine Romanelli

How Are You, my dear One? Sure was nice seeing you ~ even briefly ~ at the Huntington Summer Fest, & didn't really have time to ask in person - what you've been up to ? Stay well and reply when time allows . . . (((HUGS))) Daria

Elaine Romanelli responded on 08/18/2015

So nice to see you as well, delightful Daria! All is well. This summer I've been super actively working on upping my skill level in everything - voice, piano, guitar, writing - because as of this fall I'll be returning both to teaching and touring! I can't wait. Between the wedding, the crowdfunding campaign, the album release, and the radio campaign, it feels like it's been *such* a long stretch of paving the way. I'm ready to start easing on down the road! : )

Thinking of you, thank you for your sweet note, and for the too-brief pleasure of your company at the fest. Hope all is really well for you, too!



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