Elaine Romanelli
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where and when is the next time ou play live

Elaine Romanelli responded on 11/22/2010

Thanks for asking, and thanks very much for joining the mailing list!

Our next live show is Dec 16th in Metuchen, NJ, 7:30-9:30pm, as part of an acoustic music series at a coffee house called Brewed Awakening. (417 Main St./New St., 1 bl from the train station.)

After that we'll be in Peekskill NY on Dec 19th, and then in January we head to CA for a couple weeks. I think we'll be traveling a bunch in 2011, but we'll also always play here in and near New York City.


I like the photo - good to see you.

Elaine Romanelli responded on 09/17/2010

Many thanks!